Client Liability

Client Liability

• The company holds a valid Public Transport Licence, a copy of which can be found in the vehicle
• The drivers adhere to legally stipulated driving, resting and work times The liability for adhering to driving and resting times not only lies with the driver and the employer, but also with the individuals who specify the driving schedule.

The maximum driving time is 4½ hours, after which the driver must take a 45-minute break; this break can also be taken in two parts (15 min + 30 min)

The number of driving hours during a 24-hour period shall not exceed nine hours; during the course of one week, this time can be extended no more than twice to 10 hours
The length of the working day, including other work, waiting periods and breaks is a maximum of 15 hours, primarily a maximum of 13 hours

• The company vehicles have valid traffic insurance policies
• The fleet is well serviced, safe and inspected
• Drivers hold the relevant competence stipulated by law
• The company takes care of all its tax and employer responsibilities
• The price given to the customer is uncomplicated; meaning that the total price includes the itemisation of e.g. value added tax and other possible additional costs

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